1 – SIMKEYS: An Efficient Approach in Text Entry for Mobile Communications
Rick Ha, Pin-Han Ho, Sherman Shen (University of Waterloo)

2 – Development of an ISDB-T "Front-end" Module for use in Handheld Terminals
Sadashi Kageyama (Panasonic
3 – Audio and Video Synchronous Transmission System Based on IEEE802.11a/e
Seiji Harada (Panasonic)

4 – Convergence of iDTV and Home Network Platforms
Dmitry Tkachenko, Nickolay Kornet (St.Petesburg State Polytechnic University)

5 – Media Access Control Method for Modem of High-Speed Power Line Communication System
Shigeo Yoshida (Panasonic)

6 – ACSD-Assistan of Communication for Sensorial Deficients
Wanderlei Rosa, Claudio Silva, Daniel Sonego Da Silva, Ines Brosso (Centro Universitario da FEI)

7 – WiNe2- A Wireless Network Simulation and Demonstration Platform for Real- Time Multimedia Transmission
Gunther Liebl, Thomas Stockhammer, Hrvoje Jenkac, Joachim Hagenauer (Munich University of Technology)

8 – Future Home Networking (PLC & Wireless Sensor Nets)
Philip Orlik (Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories)

9 – Video Conference over HF Packet Radio Channels
Antonio Navarro (Telecomminications Institue, Portugal)

10 – Lectern II System Demonstarion
Nikolai Joukov, Tzi-cker Chiueh (State University of New York at Stony Brook)

11 – A Scalable Wireless Network
Ike Nassie (Firetide)

12 – Dynamic Multimedia Adaptation with MPEG-21
Letian Rong, Ian Burnett (University of Wollongong)

13 – MSB Modulation Doubles Cable TV Capacity
Harold Walker (Pegasus Data Systems)

14 – Foundations of Convergence in IP Packet Networks
Sean Moore and Curtis Siller (Cetacean)

15 – A PC-Based GIS Tool to Supplement E911 Services
Saleh Faruque, Chaturangi Gunaratne (University of North Dakota

16 – A Policy Engine for OCAP Monitor Application,
Rajesh Khandelwal (Panasonic Information and Networking Technologies Lab), Luyang Li, Arlis Dodson (Panasonic Technologies Company)

17– Mobile Target Tracking Using Message-Initiated Constraint- Based Routing
Zhang Ying (Palo Alto Research Center)

18– Using 802.11 in developing countries
Fred Williams (Williams Project)

19– WebTop: My Digital World at Hand
Lambertus Hesselink, Ph.D.