"Consumer Networking: Closing the Digital Divide"
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Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada USA / January 5-8, 2004

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The demand for networked consumer systems and devices is large and growing rapidly. At home, in a car or truck, at work or at play, Internet citizens want transparent internetworking for the systems and devices that provide entertainment, information, and communications. This internetworking should be on-demand, with whomever or whatever they want, regardless of time or location. As a result, consumer networking is gaining increasing attention from industry spawning a range of dramatically different solutions including wireless, wireline, and power line networked communications environments, each with their own strength and special challenges to overcome. This in turn has defined the scope of consumer networking, to range from the body area networking and personal area networking to home networking and wide area networking. In the not too distant future, we will see Ad hoc networking augmented with sensors sharing networked knowledge that enables devices and systems to seamlessly interact with Internet and wide are wireless systems such as WiFi, 3G and future 4G networks. And this is just the beginning!
This phenomenon, - "Consumer Communications and Networking", has been attracting many researchers in diverse areas from networking to consumer electronics. This conference will present the latest approaches and technical solutions in the area of consumer networking, enabling technologies such as middleware and multimedia, and novel applications and services. The conference will include a peer-reviewed program of technical sessions, technology application panels, tutorials, and poster sessions. CCNC 2004 provides a compelling forum for formal discussion and socialization of many of these research challenges with seasoned practitioners and colleagues from throughout the industry and academia.

CCNC 2004 provides a compelling forum for formal discussion and socialization of many of these research challenges with seasoned practitioners and colleagues from throughout the industry.

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Yoshiaki Kushiki
Managing Director, Member of the Board
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Jed Johnson
Director of Systems Engineering
Motorola Broadband Communications Sector

Crossing the Chasm:
Guiding Digital Network Technology into the Consumer World

"From the TV to the VCR to the DVD, it has been the role of the consumer electronics industry to package sophisticated technology in a form that brings value and enjoyment to the mass of consumers."


The Connected Home

"With consumers demanding more and more connectivity from the electronics devices they bring into the home the Connected Home is becoming a reality. In addition to connectivity among devices in the home consumers also want to leverage the always-on capability of broadband Internet services to bring additional capability to devices in the home and to access the home remotely."