Technology Applications Panel

PANEL 1: The Quest for Hardware Standards in Portable Electronics

Peter Henry

National Semiconductor


Peter Henry is vice president of National Semiconductor Corporation’s Portable Power Systems product line.  He has directed the group since its establishment in 2000 and is responsible for product development, market strategy and silicon for this strategic market segment which focuses on maximizing battery life in wireless devices. 
Peter joined National Semiconductor in 1998 as director of design for the power management product line.  Prior to National, Peter was the vice president of marketing for Suni Imaging Systems and held a variety of positions at Analog Devices, Inc.
Peter earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Physics from the University of California, Berkeley.  He completed the Stanford AEA Executive Institute in 1999.

Panel Summary:

Industry standards have been slow to arrive on the portable electronics scene, resulting in long design cycles and closed system designs. Panelists from leading organizations will discuss current efforts to provide open standards on key hardware interfaces connecting systems such as radios, basebands, application processors, audio, cameras, displays and power systems.