Technology Applications Panel

PANEL 7: OSGi Technology - Enabling the Networked Delivery of Managed Services

Stan Moyer

Telcordia Technologies


Stan Moyer is Executive Director and Strategic Research Program Manager in the Applied Research organization of Telcordia Technologies. His main research focus is currently Home Networking and Networked (a.k.a. Internet or IP) Appliances - specifically understanding the issues and network requirements associated with this new breed of end device. He has also worked in the capacity of project manager for several Internet Service Quality related projects in Applied Research and for the Leveraging Web, Distributed Objects and Client/Server for Telcordia OSSs project for the Telcordia Software Systems organization. He is also a member of the OSGi Board of Directors, editor of the In-Home Networking series for IEEE Communications Magazine, and a newly elected representative to the IEEE Communications Society Board of Governors. Stan received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics from the University of Maine and his Masters of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Steven's Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. Stan is also currently pursing an MBA in Technology Management.

Panel Summary:

This panel will address Residential Gateway technologies. Particularly we will discuss issues related to the OSGi Alliance
specifications and technology:

• The evolution and key capabilities of the OSGi Service Platform
• How OSGi relates to other technologies such as .Net and Java
• The current OSGi value proposition, attributes, and developer benefits
• What's new regarding the positioning and rebranding of the OSGi technology

The OSGi Alliance is an open forum whose mission is to specify, create, advance, and promote an open service platform for the delivery and management of multiple applications and services to all types of networked devices in home, vehicle, mobile and other environments. The OSGi Alliance serves as the focal point for a collaborative ecosystem of service provider, technology, industrial, consumer and automotive electronics communities.