Distinguished Experts Panel

Distinguished Experts Panel: Bringing Home the Bits:
Alternatives for Residential Broadband Access

Edward S. Szurkowski

Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies

Panel Summary:

The ongoing development and expansion of consumer networking is critically dependent on the availability of broadband connections from residences to public telecom networks.  Over the past few years, significant residential broadband access deployment has begun in the USA and globally, using a variety of technologies and business models.
This panel will explore these broadband access alternatives, their technical strengths & weaknesses, deployment and business objectives to provide insights for guiding the direction of consumer networking.  The panelists will represent a range of access service providers, technologies and geographies.
Each panelist will describe their current broadband access program, the rationale for making their technology choice, the services they provide, their challenges, and their view on deployment timing and coverage.  They will be asked to describe new technologies or devices they would like to see from the consumer electronics industry, and to discuss how the telecom and consumer networking research communities might collaborate to advance new residential communication services and capabilities.
The panel invitees will be selected for their ability to discuss both the technology and business issues of broadband access, along with a vision for new services and the substantial opportunities in consumer electronics and networking.